You Take You With You When You're Gone

In nearly every ancient and esoteric religion, death is seen as a rite of passage. It's a pivotal ending that most importantly commences a new beginning as well. As such, the state of consciousness of the departing soul has always been deemed as hyper-critical.

Think about it this way - when you exit a relationship gracefully, with a positive mindset and gratitude for the lessons it gave you, you're far more likely to enter into the next union with joy and acceptance. If you end a bond in a dramatic huff, writing stories that all men/women act as your now estranged ex did, you have rooted yourself in conflict that you are likely to repeat.

Death is no different. If you hold that it is not a finality, and believe that something, ANYthing awaits, your state of consciousness as you enter that space is obviously crucial. Leave your body with fear, resistance, anger, or remorse, and you will take it with you. Of course, the reverse it true too.

We say "You can't take it with you when you're gone." What we should say is "You take you with you when you're gone."

Your soul is the unique energetic thumbprint that makes up all that you are. It has chosen your body as an appropriate home for the duration of your life. When your soul knows it's time to leave, you still have the freewill to choose how you will receive this transition. 

That's why I am spending my life making friends with death. Because she really is our very, very best friend. Most of us avoid delving deep into our mortality out of fear and denial. Of course, that doesn't stop death from knocking. Instead, this refusal to stare into the shadows nearly guarantees we will leave unconsciously, or worse still, surrounded in fear.  And that energy has no choice but to follow us to the other side. Wherever you go, there you are.

But it is never, ever too late to prepare yourself to surrender with a smile. There are countless reports of people who died willingly, joyfully, with a gigantic and welcoming grin. This is just as possible for you as it was for them.

How do you get there? 

It starts with asking death to show herself to you. It involves feeling rather than thinking. Trusting the thousands and thousands of accounts of the afterlife. And most importantly, trusting that deep down gut feeling you have that there IS more than just this tangible space. That YOU are more than just skin and bones. 

The divine will unravel the mysteries to you in a way only you can hear, so I can't tell you what the actual signs are. I can help you know where, and how, to look for them. To learn to trust your intuition, and not the critic in your head. The reality is, you already know the truth. We all do. It's our birthright, engrained in our DNA. But cleverly hidden beneath the layers of what if, I'm scared, that can't be - and all the various attachments we have to this materialistic world. 

Our culture doesn't teach us to trust the intangible. To know ourselves as immortal. So we have to seek it. Death is the Chairman of the biggest mystery school there is. But seek and ye shall find. The knowledge of what this process is, and isn't, is the greatest education you will ever, ever receive. And as a soul, you get to learn it countless times. How masterful and amazing is consciousness?

That moment we all get to experience is on your horizon, however distant. My advice - prepare for it now with excitement and wonder. Look closely at the shadows ahead and have the courage to ask what lies there. Because if you leave with a smile, your next phase starts in that same surrendered bliss. The way the story ends is the way the story begins. Give it a happy ending. You deserve to know more joy.