For those dealing with a terminal diagnosis, and/or a debilitating fear of death; let's die before you die so you can let go of the fear and know you're eternal. 

As a Death Coach, I am honored to work with people to dissolve the mother of all fears. Death represents the ultimate journey into the unknown, but there are ways to know the truth of what is waiting for us before we leave our bodies. Here is what this mystical coaching has to offer:

  • A Compassionate, Unbiased Ear: It's almost impossible to talk about death to the people that love us, as they have a deep agenda to keep us tethered to this tangible space. Because they love us, they don't want to lose us. I offer a safe, discreet, and loving place to discuss and explore your relationship with death, so you can better access your knowningness and process your emotions. 
  • Insights into What Death Is (and Isn't!): I have had two Near Death Experiences, and have gone through multiple ego deaths, as well as shamanic journeys that have taken me to the other side. I am honored to share these insights with you to validate your awareness and give tangible, real-life comfort that there is no such thing as an ending. 
  • Energy Work and Meditations: I offer long distance Reiki sessions and shamanic healing that helps you connect to your soul, which is the seat of your immortality. I also have several guided meditations that can allow you to touch the other side while you are still in this body; to die before you die. 
  • Karmic Cleansing: I will help you energetically uncover all the places in your life that feel stuck, negative, or fearful, and support you in bringing positive energy to relationships and events that are holding you back from feeling more light and love.
  • Credible Validation: Because I know and love the space of death, I will do all I can to pass that light onto you. You deserve to know, and feel, the truth of who you are. You deserve to let go of the fear.

If you'd like to commit to regular shamanic and consciousness coaching, see the Book Sessions page for discounted packages.

If the only reason you are not choosing to work with me involves money, please reach out anyway and name your price. I never want money to be the reason we can't expand together. Let's make it work.


If you have a terminal diagnosis and are actively facing death, I work on a sliding scale and will make myself accessible to you no matter what. In-person visits are also possible. If you need support, please contact me, and we will work it out.