Shamanic Life Coaching for Shadow Work, Spiritual Crisis, and the Preparation and Integration of Plant Medicines


Afterlife Coaching fast tracks the integration of transformative experiences. Whether you're working with sacred plants and medicines like Ayahuasca, San Pedro/Huachuma, Kambo or Iboga, immersed in a spiritual crisis, or dealing with the truth about death, you deserve compassionate, knowledgeable and empowering support. I will help you prepare for and make sense of altered spaces, spiritual breakdowns, and death itself. I provide an alternative to traditional counseling by speaking to your soul, not your ego, and I adore helping people step out of the pattern of depression, anger and darkness and get back to where they belong: Feeling happy and empowered. Navigating the perilous unknown is always better with company. I would be honored to join you as a guide, mentor, and pillar of support. Reach out and let’s continue the journey of falling in love with all that is.

If you're ready to look at and understand shadow energies, this coaching is for you. Whether you've touched the intangible via Ayahuasca or other altered spaces, are facing death through illness or fear, or have a deep relationship with darkness that you can't seem to shake, Afterlife Coaching can give you the tools to understand and appreciate these experiences. It's a fluid, deeply intimate and personal process. I create the safety, love, and acceptance for you to speak about things you might not be able to express to anyone else. After over a thousand doses of Ayahuasca, my near death experiences and journeys through darkness, I am ready and willing to hold your hand as you walk through yours.

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About Tina "Kat" Courtney

I've been falling in love with the shadow my entire life. I spent my early years consumed with suicidal thoughts and wildly intense anxieties. I played with just about every available altered space. Then I found Ayahuasca, and she led me into the truth I had been endlessly searching for. She taught me to unconditionally love the darkness. I later apprenticed for 10 years as an Ayahuasquera and have guided thousands of people through altered spaces. Now, I work on the outside of these sacred ceremonial circles, helping people prepare for and integrate psychedelics, illness, trauma, and dances with the impeccibly beautiful space of darkness and death.

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Ayahuasca Blog

The Ayahuasca Blog covers all kinds of spiritual topics, many surrounding shamanism, NDEs, sacred plant medicines and ceremonies, and the integration of peak experiences. I explore various facets of consciousness, from soul to spirit, mind to ego, heart to body. Special love and attention goes to the exploration of duality and non-duality, and how these philosophies impact our daily lives, helping us to awaken to our greatness. I also go deep into shadow work and exploration, traversing through the delicious topics of death and darkness all while daring myself and my readers to fall madly in love with the most challenging parts of our journeys. Come play with me!

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