Understand and integrate the most profound moments of your life.

Peak moments like Ayahuasca and sacred plant ceremonies, serious illnesses, and Near Death Experiences can take years to fully understand and integrate. I created this coaching business for the sole purpose of helping everyone take life's curveballs and make them the most magical moments we will ever be gifted.

If you use sacred plants like Ayahuasca, you have likely discovered she is a fast track for expansion and healing, but she can also lead to a deeper sense of darkness and confusion. As an Ayahuasca Coach, I help anyone preparing for and/or integrating this sacred medicine. I can help take those intense moments and integrate their lessons into every cell of your being, creating positive change, growth, and clarity.

I also help those battling illnesses, folks who have had Near Death Experiences, end-of-life journeyers and those traumatized by a fear of death. This is the ultimate shadow work, which is simply the process of looking at, understanding and loving that which is unconscious inside each of us. 

If you feel called to work with me, I will do all I can to bring more light and clarity into your world. You deserve that


Afterlife Coaching is for anyone looking to reconnect with soul and live a rich, awakened, delicious life. I specialize in shadow and death work, helping clients understand and love their darkness. I also work as an Ayahuasca Coach helping people integrate and prepare for the Mother of Medicine. Plant ceremonies should be approached with much preparation and reverence, and the real work starts then the ceremony ends. Without integration, you are still in your patterns. I'd be honored to help you own those experiences so they can more tangibly impact your life.

The Coaching Process  

I have been life coaching for many years, and have tangible memories of death and dying, as well as near death experiences. I have worked with master shamans and energy workers from many modalities, including a thousand+ Ayahuasca and Huachuma plant ceremonies. My mystical trainings have brought me to the other side so many times, I have decided to dedicate my life's work to helping others integrate these peak experiences, and make friends with the shadow and death.

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The Ayahuasca and Consciousness Blog covers all kinds of spiritual topics, many surrounding shamanism, NDEs, Ayahuasca ceremonies and integration. I also explore all facets of consciousness, from soul to spirit, mind to ego, heart to body. Special love and attention goes to the exploration of duality and non-duality, and how these philosophies impact our daily lives, helping us to awaken to our greatness. 

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