An expertly guided master plant dieta can facilitate profound healing, deep connections to nature, expansions in consciousness, new tools for awakening, and a plethora of personal discoveries.

If you are called to work with plant consciousness in a profoundly deep and traditional manner, I'd love to support your journey. To date, I've taken on 6 master plant dietas, spanning a total of 3.5 years. I was trained by master Curanderos from the Amazon to prepare, facilitate, and guide others as they connect and integrate these sacred plant-focused journeys. Here's what I offer during your dieta:

  • Choosing the Perfect Master Plant: After connecting with your energy, I will help you select the perfect plant for this phase of your spiritual journey. I also offer guidance on where to procure the most authentic and potent plant materials, whether you're working with Lavender, Sage, Ajo Sacha, Juniper, Rose, Oak, Bobinsana, Mapacho, or any of the other master plants.

  • Opening the Diet: I will help you open up your energies to begin receiving the plant's wisdom and connection, guiding you through this esoteric process.

  • Support Through the Dieta: We will meet each week to discuss how the diet is progressing and I'll help you move through and integrate the energies, challenges, and revelations.

  • Recipes: I have a list of recipes that will help you eat right during each phase of the dieta, so you can remove the guesswork out of what is and is not supportive to the process.

  • Closing the Diet: I ask for a minimum 1 month commitment to this process, as it normally takes at least 2 weeks for the plant to root in and start working with us. We will be organic about closing the dieta, and I will work with you to choose the right time, set, and setting to do so.

  • Integration: We will work together in making the most of the dieta's aftermath too, giving you the tools you'll need to come back into normal life, but as a re-birthed individual with lots of new tools in your spiritual toolkit.

Special Note: Due to the intense energy and focus required to support someone through a Plant Dieta, I accept a maximum of 4 Dieta clients at a time. 

Step 1: Book a session to discuss the process below. If we move forward, I will deduct $100 from the Master Plant Dieta package (priced at $500 per month).

If the only reason you are not choosing to work with me involves money, please reach out and name your price. I never want money to be the reason we can't expand together. Let's make it work.