"I am truly grateful to you for spending some of your precious time on this planet to help and assist me with deeper clarity.
So much happens in ceremony, so much that you can't grasp or reach for, that sits in you like permanent sediment, watching for the hermit crabs of grasping mind threads to spin it to glowing silver, you helped me do this.
That's how big it is.
/\ no words." - Kailyn Deyn, Fine Artist and Empathic Lighthouse

"Kat has a clear grasp of where you're at in your own life journey, right now. A good philosophical understanding of duality: incarnation, why, what's the point etc. And besides, she is very warm person to work with: organized, alert. You'll feel when it's time." - Thijs, Netherlands

"Tina (Kat) is an amazing life coach.  She is a beautiful, compassionate, gentle soul.  She has a heart for people and helps them reach their goals.   She helps us focus and gives us amazing tools to do so.  Once you meet Tina there is no escaping her Light!"  - Ruby Gettinger, TV Personality, Producer, and Author -RubyGettinger.com
"When I first met Kat I felt immediately welcomed, and a warm connection. Her patience is so present, as I shared some very vulnerable feelings. While still asking me to take responsibility for them and work toward healing into happiness. She is a bright light of loving honest support. Thank you for helping me see me with love." - Jamie Boisselle, Las Vegas, NV

"Whenever I sit with Kat to discuss the issues taking place in my life, she has an uncanny ability to make me feel like the center of the Universe. No matter if my issues are spiritual, mental, physical, or otherwise, she always speaks in a way that seems as if the divine is flowing through her to provide the most authentic and pragmatic advice possible. I could not ask for more practical and uplifting guidance than that I have received from her. Life-changer for sure!"Nik KollyDigital Marketing and Content Manager

"Kat's  innate ability to sense where you are emotionally and guide you through is outstanding. Her soft spoken wisdom and healing nature are an immeasurable gift she happily passes on to those in her care." - Melissa Reeves, Las Vegas, NV