Scientific Proof of the Afterlife - Yes, It Exists


Most of us spiritual types don't require science to jump on the metaphysical bandwagon. We understand that the most profound aspects of life don't need scientific validation to be real - there's an inherent mystery to consciousness that is, quite obviously, by design.

Every now and then, however, science points to the magic and says - "We can prove that is real." And that's pretty damn exciting.

British Scientists Uncover a Fascinating Finding

A recent British study of 200 "near-death" patients is one such example. It contradicts previously held medical beliefs that the brain only keeps functioning 20-30 seconds after the heart stops beating. Of course, most scientists like to correlate brain function with consciousness; not necessarily the same thing. But for the sake of this structured reveal, we'll go with it.

This study followed the brain activity - and experiences - of 200 people that essentially died but did indeed continue to be conscious, in varying degrees. They report this awareness can now last up to three minutes. For science, that's a huge discovery and admission. They are starting to unravel the loose relationship between consciousness and the body. Whereas scientific circles used to insist that the two could never be separated, now they are realizing that perhaps consciousness doesn't need a beating heart.

And yet there are gazillions of examples that each of us can personally experience proving the existence of an afterlife. You don't need to validate what is on the other side, just that you know it exists. For those of us not confined to the scientific method, that happens through experience. 

Being Present to the Truth 

It happens when we're deep in meditation with an undeniable connection to something outside of ourselves. When we're on our knees screaming in prayer and the miracle arrives. When we're staring into the eyes of our children and we can see the eternal stretch of consciousness.

It happens when we make love and intertwine so deeply with our partners we lose awareness of where our body beings their's ends. It happens in altered spaces when we emphatically experience the interconnectedness of all. It happens when we're so distraught, so lost in our shadow, that we think about ending it all - and then help arrives in the most unexpected way.

In short, it happens all the time - this experience, this knowningness, that there is so much more to consciousness than what lies between our ears.

Reining in the Reigning Mind

The trick is to not let our logical, linear, bossy-pants brains insist on casting a shadow of uncertainty. Our brains are the scientists of our bodies. They want empirical proof. They want these things to be easily repeatable. And they are beholden to the filters we wear that insist it look a certain way.

The Universe doesn't play according to the rules of our mind. This is why science often comes up short with explaining the ethereal. It's not meant to be scientific. 

Consider this - can we explain how we actually come to be as individuals in the first place? How we each wake up every morning as this PERSON that seems separate and yet lives in a world with the butterfly effect (which science agrees with and calls "Chaos Theory")? Where did the animals and Earth and the cosmos and the multi-verse actually come from? One random big bang? Was it random? Was there more than one? Is the video on YouTube?

How did this shit happen in the first place?

Science can't explain it. Even when they think they have a definition, give it a decade or three, and it will change again. It's not a lack of intelligence, it's a disregard of the spiritual mystery of creation. 

The Universe Rules

The Universe - or God, if you prefer - is infinitely intelligent. It takes eons for major scientific realizations to match the majesty of universal truth. That doesn't make any of these truths less true. Just unproven. At least by science.

To those who have experienced life outside of the body - we don't need a write-up in a respected scholarly journal. We've had the visits from our deceased loved ones. The out of body experience after a heart attack. The awakening of our inner knowing.

Our minds may still play the role of the skeptic, but we know that's part of what makes us healthy, balanced - human. Doubt creates the contrast so that we may experience certainty. It's all according to plan.

But when science steps up and agrees with the mystics, it's a really, really good day.