Halloween: The Celebration of Death

Halloween is such a sacred, wonderful holiday. It's really one of the only days we're encouraged to have a whimsical perspective on death. It's so bloody freeing and fun we throw candy at ghoulish wee ones to reward their daring personas. 

Halloween is rumored to have started back in ancient celtic times. Cultures have always revered the turning of the seasons, and this time of year represents the harvest and the dropping temperatures. Winter is the earth's death, as she transitions into night and freezing temps to rebuild her energy and reserves. That's why it began as a holiday - Halloween straddles polarities. Darkness and light. Warmth and cold. Death and life. And those deserve our reverence and celebration.

It's moments like these that I see us all dancing in the truth of existence, with or without awareness. The truth is, we can smile and welcome death. We can smack on a Snickers as the grim reaper comes knocking. It's just another part of the journey. The planet transitions every year. We all go through our mini-deaths each year too. Shedding skin, pounds, tears, hair, emotions, money, relationships, jobs - the list is long. Very, very long. 

So let these playful hours remind us there is nothing to fear, nothing to resist. Death is just as sweet as any other part of our paths. Sure, it rots our teeth, but that's a small price to pay for the joy of the experience.