If you feel lost, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, stuck, or in a classic "Dark Night of the Soul", Soul Coaching can help you reconnect with your essence.

This shadow work revolves around making the unconscious conscious. We will dive into the sticky parts of your waking journey, bringing light to the core reasons you are suffering and struggling.

This mystical coaching modality is all about supporting you through deep dives into your consciousness, while illuminating the truth of your beliefs, patterns, and pain points. Here's what soul coaching and shadow work has to offer:

  • Evolutionary Astrology: We can start by doing a comprehensive astrological reading, unraveling your soul's mission in this lifetime, and the strengths and challenges you face.
  • Exploration of the Shadow: Understanding your darkness starts with a willingness to look at what is sourcing the pain. I offer a compassionate, safe, and loving space to talk about the deepest parts of your psyche. We bring light to the most painful and hidden parts of you. 
  • Shamanic Healing: I have many shamanic modalities to offer when appropriate; soul retrieval, shamanic meditations, plant dietas, stone divinations, and other ancient teachings that help us make our way through the most challenging dark nights of the soul.
  • Movement Through an Existential Crisis: It's a normal process when you're becoming conscious to feel like you don't belong in the world, but it's very difficult to move through this alone. If you can't relate to your old self, to your friends and family, or to the world at large, I would love to help you reconnect with your essence and bring light to your heart.

I've helped dozens of brave souls and spiritual warriors fall in love with their darkness. Check out the Testimonials for real-life accolades, or reach out for references

If you'd like to commit to regular shamanic and consciousness coaching, see the Book Sessions page for discounted packages.

If the only reason you are not choosing to work with me involves money, please reach out anyway and name your price. I never want money to be the reason we can't expand together. Let's make it work.

I work on hourly or day-long sessions. We can talk via phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts - I also do in-person visits across the globe.

If you are serious about reconnecting to your soul and transcending a resistance to mortality, either through sacred plant medicine ceremonies or through spiritual coaching,  I am serious about helping you every step of the way.


If money is your only concern, contact me. I want to work with anyone who feels the calling.