Matt Belair, the Zen Athlete, Video Interview

Amazing interview with the very divine Matt Belair. We talk about: 

- Why we should and should not do Ayahuasca
- What you need to know before doing Ayahuasca your first time
- Why we need to the power of love
- Understanding the light and the dark
- What is the difference between Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, San Pedro, LSD
- Why intention is the most important
- What Free Will is
- The importance of Integrity
- Getting obsessed with self-care
- The Promises game

The Jeff Slayter Show for Entrepreneurs 

A deep discussion between Jeff and Kat about the power of Ayahuasca, soul-connection, and using our powers for good. Jeff is a very successful heart-spaced entrepreneur who works with high performers, and he's extremely adept at balancing the tangible and intangible. There's also an in-depth blog about the Ayahuasca podcast highlights. 

The Rooster Art and Culture Online Magazine

Featured in an edgy, whip-smart article about being a Death Coach


EntheoNation - Choosing the Right Ayahuasca Retreat

Authored an in-depth article about choosing the perfect Ayahuasca facility, and all that you should consider before diving in.

Primal Happiness Podcast

Fantastic conversation with the wonderful Lian Brook-Tyler about:

  • The difference between soul and spirit 
  • Why we have this ‘dark stuff’ in our lives – if there wasn’t a sense of separation then there would be no motivation or curiosity to move forward and uncover the mystery of consciousness.
  • As we grow more in tune with our soul then we will be guided as to the lessons and experiences that are going to be most rewarding in this life

EntheoNation - Should You Drink Ayahuasca Alone?

A deep dive into the issues surrounding solo usage of Ayahuasca. If you're thinking about drinking the medicine solo, read this first.

The Vin Armani Show  

An intimate Ayahuasca Interview. (Start at 52:26 for the interview)

The amazing Vin Armani from the fascinatingly seductive Showtime series Gigolos interviews me about the history and proper usage of Ayahuasca, how the medicine expands our consciousness, and what it means to dance with the shadow.