Embark on a traditional Master Plant Dieta at an isolated location outside of Las Vegas, NV

Led by Kat Courtney - Shamanic Guide and Master Herbalist

January 25th-February 1st

Go Deeper with Plant Medicine for Profound Healings and Awakenings

If you’re ready to have a very meaningful connection with plant consciousness, a dieta is literally a game-changer in how we relate to ourselves and the universe.

Kat is offering a handful of journeyers an unforgettable experience to diet on a shamanic master plant in a safe and isolated space, complete with opening and closing plant medicine ceremonies, freshly prepared organic food, daily integration assistance, daily guided meditations, nature walks, and the sharing of various shamanic wisdoms. To learn more about what a Master Plant Dieta entails, click here.

Here are the details of this very special experience:

Art by anderson debernardi

Art by anderson debernardi

·      Ceremony with Mother A opening the portal, and another mid-week to deepen the connection

·      Carefully chosen master plan for each participant - options include Rose, Sage, Ajo Sacha, Pine, Lavender, and many more

·      Daily integration, meditation, and spiritual support

·      Mapacho, Hapeh, Sananga and other plant support

·      Daily icaros and medicine songs; Kat will these during the experience so you can have them as reminders in the aftermath

·      All food and plant medicines provided

·      Lots of various shamanic tools will be shared, as well as personal work in understanding the unique gifts of the plant you are dieting on

·      We will have regular spirit fires in the backyard, epic connections with each other, lots of time in solitude, and plenty of heavenly diet-friendly food

·      Cactus ceremony to close the diet, where we will start to bring in the lessons of the experience

·      This will take place at a beautiful, spacious home about an hour and a half outside of Las Vegas, near Zion National Park in Utah.

·      Maximum of 8 participants.

·      Everyone will have their own private bedroom

Cost is $1,700 - all-inclusive (lodging, food, ceremonies, plant medicines, integration support)

Register with a $500 deposit to secure your space 

Questions? Comments? Contact Kat here and she will reply promptly. Thank you!