Las Vegas, NV - November 29th-December 30th

Art by Maya clearspring

Art by Maya clearspring

A Self-Discovery Workshop to Find the Healer Within

Many of us are feeling the call to discover our special gifts and step into the role of healer. But most of us don’t know where to begin in order to answer the call of service. This workshop is designed for those who have discovered the power of shamanic journeys and/or plant medicine, and have felt the call to know more. We’ll spend our weekend exploring shadows, learning about shamanic arts, and illuminating the next steps to owning the healer inside. Here’s what the weekend workshop has in store:

Workshop Schedule

·      Schedule is Friday 11/29 from 6pm – 9pm (snacks provided), Saturday 11/30 from 10am – 6pm (lunch provided) and Sunday 12/1 from 10am – 3pm (lunch provided).

art by randall roberts

art by randall roberts

·      Friday night we’ll meet and connect, get an overview of the weekend experience, open the ceremonial portal with Hapeh and Sananga, meet our primary spirit animal for the weekend (and beyond) and be given initial shadow work to ponder for the evening.

·      Saturday is an all day exploration of consciousness. We will do deep shadow work into our own psyches to discover our current blocks, and to unravel both the fears, patterns, and belief systems that are currently disrupting our joy and forward movement. After lunch, we will explore our Golden Shadows; the gifts and powers that have yet to be realized and therefore are only living in the space of potentiality. Lots of work connecting with ourselves and each other.

·      Sunday, we will start out by learning a variety of modalities and paths in the shamanic space. Kat will share a few special shamanic tools, like divination, working with altars, connecting with spirit guides and totems, the usage of sacred plants, and lots more knowledge shares. After lunch, we will end by exploring what we know about our individual journeys, we’ll declare our intentions and use ceremonial elements to solidify our devotion to the path of service.

·      We will end the workshop empowering each other to be the best versions of ourselves, and to set in motion the vision and inspiration the workshop has provided.

Who This Workshop is For

This weekend experience is built for people desiring to know more about their role as Healers. If any of the following traits sound familiar, you are perfect for this experience:

  • You’re feeling an unshakable call to be of service; to discover who you are as a healer

  • You’ve done plenty of personal work, and although you know the work is never done, you’re feeling more and more passionate about helping others

  • You’re attracted to shadow work, and you know the most challenging aspects of your psyche are also the traits that make you powerful, special, and credible

  • You are deeply drawn to plants like Ayahuasca and Huachuma as tools of healing and empowerment, and you want to know more about how to join their team of human carriers and evangilists

  • You adore everything you know about shamanism, and are anxious to know more

  • You are deeply ready to own your power, and to illuminate the next step in your path as a Healer, as someone equipped to help others awaken

If any of this sounds like you, come join me, I promise to help you go deeper into your unique gifts and get excited about how to bring them to the world!

Kat courtney

Kat courtney

About Kat Courtney - Workshop Guide and Ceremony Mama

Kat has been studying, practicing, and teaching about plant consciousness for 14 years, including a decade as a shamanic apprentice with the Shipibo-Conibo tradition. She’s sat in plant medicine ceremonies over 1,300 times, and is a compassionate shamanic guide. She is also a Master Herbalist and is deeply acquainted with plant communication and shamanic journeying. Her life is dedicated to the power of plants, and their ability to unlock the secrets of our shadowy subconscious. Kat believes that the keys to our superpowers lie in the darkness of our shadows, and it is her great joy to help others discover that the energies they judge the most in themselves are actually their greatest gifts. She lives with her cat, Prana, in Las Vegas half the time, and her partner Laura in Berlin (and the world) the other half. When she’s not dancing with plants, she’s likely eating donuts. #BalanceIsKey

Cost is $650 for the weekend (includes 2 lunches and daily snacks/water)

Limited to 20 maximum participants - just a $300 deposit required to hold your space

Questions? Contact Kat at or here :)