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The pool at the main House of our incredible retreat

The pool at the main House of our incredible retreat

If you’re feeling the call to experience the sublime power of plant medicine, what better place than paradise?

Come join us for an unforgettable journey to glorious Nosara, Costa Rica for a deep dive into plant medicine, healing, and play! We have procured a divine retreat consisting of 4 houses and a main lodge for ceremonies and meditations, all with acres of lush land for us to explore and enjoy.

Want to see where you’ll be? Check out the retreat here.

Here is everything included in the retreat price:

·      Transportation to and from the Liberia Airport

·      4 nights and 5 days accommodation at the retreat. Options are king, queen, or twin beds. Some are shared, most are private. You’ll share a bathroom with a maximum of 1 additional room (some have private bathrooms too)

One of the many beautiful bedrooms at the retreat

One of the many beautiful bedrooms at the retreat

·      We’ll enjoy 1 night of breath work, 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 San Pedro / Huachuma ceremony, as well as daily integration support, meditation circles, and other opportunities to learn and partake in various healing modalities, including Hapeh/Rapeh and Sananga

·      Bodywork sessions will be available at an additional charge for those that feel called; we have an expert bodyworker on hand to take care of us. Check out Faegann’s credentials.

·      Lots of time for rest, play, and a magnificent connection with the land

What Makes This Retreat Special

luxurious outdoor space at the retreat

luxurious outdoor space at the retreat

Abby and Kat, your shamanic facilitators, have been working in ceremony for a combined total of over 24 years, both at retreats and bringing the medicine to responsible seekers all around the world. Here are the special considerations they are bringing to this very sacred event:

  • Intimacy - We have a maximum of 22 participants. The retreat can hold over twice that amount, but Abby and Kat believe intimate circles are far more safe, impactful, and enjoyable for all.

  • Personal Connection - Everyone who comes will get a one on one connection with the facilitators. In almost all other ceremony cycles, sitters have very little opportunity to connect with the people that lead ceremonies in a personal way, and yet that is one of the core elements that helps people feel safe. Abby and Kat meet personally with each participant before each ceremony, listening to fears, intentions, and questions so that each person knows they are seen, heard, and cared for. There will also be lots of opportunities to ask questions and connect with them throughout the retreat.

  • Value - With the exception of bodywork, nothing at this retreat is an add-on. There are no hidden surprises. We will pick you up from the airport, take you to an incredible, safe, and beautiful setting, feed you healthy meals daily, welcome you to all plant ceremonies, and take you back to the airport safe and sound as well.

  • Menstruating Women Welcome - Many retreats and ceremony circles forbid women on their moons, but since Abby and Kat are women who understand how to work with these energies, women in all phases of their cycle are most welcome. You won’t spend time and money preparing for an experience that you are denied; that we promise.

  • Safety - Kat and Abby are both certified in CPR, and Kat has certifications in AED and triage. Because the circles are small, they can be very hands-on with the tribe and be aware of each person’s state at all times. They will also have 2 experienced and qualified assistants joining the experience too, so all will be very well taken care of.

  • Authentic and Traditional - Kat trained for over a decade in the Shipibo-Conibo tradition, and Abby has studied the Mestizo lineage. Both women hold the sacred lineage of this work with the utmost respect and sacredness. The ceremonies you experience are authentic to the tribes they trained with, including the usage of ancient icaros (healing songs), shamanic clearings, soul retrievals, and related experiences.

  • Depth and Variety - Kat and Abby work with Ayahuasca, Huachuma/San Pedro, Rapeh, Sananga, and other powerful plant teachers, and they offer each of these during the retreat to anyone who is called to explore them. This equates to a powerful and deeply rooted opportunity to be positively impacted by plant consciousness.

  • Experience - The facilitators are legitimately experienced with these medicines. Kat has been working with the medicine for almost 14 years, and Abby a decade. Both have learned from incredibly gifted Maestros, and have sat in hundreds and hundreds of ceremonies; both as guides, and participants. Both have also completed multiple Master Plant Diets. And both women continue to do tremendous shadow work and personal exploration of their own. They passionately believe that this is non-negotiable for anyone who works with these powerful plants with the intention of keeping all who join them safe and nurtured.

  • Fierce Feminine - Finally, it is incredibly rare to find two experienced women doing this work. In a typically male dominated field, Abby and Kat are supremely honored to be women pouring the powerfully feminine medicine that is Ayahuasca. They work in a soft, strong, nurturing way; uniquely equipped to create a very different but very profound way to experience the medicine.

About Your Guides: 

Kat Courtney

Kat Courtney

Abby and Kat have been working with plant medicine for a sum total of 24 years, from both the Shipibo-Conibo and Mestizo traditions. They have completed multiple plant dietas, apprenticed with maestros, and now travel the world bringing these medicines to honest seekers and beautiful souls desiring sincere healing and evolution.

Learn more about Kat here – and feel free to reach out with any questions. We are so honored to welcome you to this unforgettable adventure.

Deck from one of the 4 available pools

Deck from one of the 4 available pools


All inclusive-cost depends on selected accommodations. Your options are:

  • $1500 for a shared bunk bed room (very small room)

  • $1900 for a private single bed

  • $2200 for a private queen bed (double occupancy 1900 per guest)

  • $2400 for a king bed (double occupancy $2000 per guest)

    50% of total amount due is required as a deposit - the rest can be paid up to 1 month before our adventure

Have questions? Ready to commit? Email Kat at oshgumishy@gmail.com and she will assist. Thank you!