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Welcome - my name is Tina "Kat" Courtney.

Like so many of us, there's life before Ayahuasca, and life after.

Before, I was a video game producer full of bipolar tendencies, bouts of destructive depression, and anxiety so intense it landed me in the hospital, multiple times. I abused alcohol and recreational drugs, and had a serious fixation with bulimia. I didn’t love myself. Not one iota.

Then came Ayahuasca, right after I turned 30. Within two cycles (7 ceremonies), I was ready to devote my entire life to the study of shamanism. "You'll bring thousands of people to this work," she told me. 

That was her first win. It’s now Ayahuasca 10,352,523 and Kat 0. But I love it that way.

I've been training for almost 14 years, drinking in more than 1,200 plant ceremonies. I have completed 7 master plant dietas to date. I gave up almost everything for this work, and got back even more in return. The universe is magical that way.

Why AfterLife Coach? 

There are many people leading ceremonies these days, and I absolutely relish and adore the chance to be part of the Ayahuasquera and Huachumera tribe. But I am also very, very honored to join the sacred few who are on the outside of those circles, helping participants prepare for and integrate the Mother of all Medicines, and her many powerful counterparts.

AfterLife Coaching is more than just Ayahuasca Coaching; it's centered around three core principles:

1) Helping people prepare for and integrate psychedelics and altered spaces like Ayahuasca, Iboga, Kambo, San Pedro/Huachuma, and many more.

2) Guiding people through a Dark Night of the Soul. Anyone experiencing an existential crisis, no matter how it manifested, is welcomed here. I speak the language of soul, and I adore leading people into higher states of awareness.

3) I also work with people facing death, using shamanic tools to usher in a safe and even surrendered passing. I can help facilitate an understanding of what death is, and isn't, relinquishing fear and creating a true sense of safety. 

Here are a few highlights in the journey that lead me to this present calling:

  • 1,000+ shamanic ceremonies, between Ayahuasca and Huachuma / San Pedro and a handful of others (DMT, Vilka, etc.). I trained for 11 years as an apprentice with maestros in both the Amazonian jungle and the U.S., and I led and assisted in ceremonies on a weekly basis in Costa Rica.

  • 7+ years experience as a Spiritual Life Coach, helping hundreds of people awaken and integrate transformational experiences, reconnecting with soul and deepening self-love

  • Studied with multiple consciousness experts, including Tim Freke, Richard Moss, and Adyashanti

  • Graduate of Master Herbalist Julie McIntyre’s Earth Medicine Apprenticeship (partner to famous plant expert and author Stephen Buhner), with extensive skills in using plant consciousness as a means of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. I’m also an herbalist and plant communicator.

  • Reiki Master for more than 7 years, and trained in other esoteric energy healing modalities

  • Evolutionary Astrologist; I've studied the discipline for 30 years and adore doing charts for clients. I have also been reading Tarot for over 3 decades.

  • Taught classes on awareness expansion, shamanic healing techniques, and plant consciousness to hundreds of students

  • Hostess and facilitator of roughly a gazillion (give or take a gaggle) of spiritual events in the Las Vegas area, through the Awareness and Consciousness Group of Southern Nevada

Most importantly, I've been through hell; physically and emotionally. I've walked this walk through authenticity. I've touched the other side many times. I learned to love my shadow because it was either surrender and love it all or go crazy and self-destruct. I'm grateful my soul chose the former.

I'd love to help yours do the same.

Please reach out and connect. I'd be so honored to be a part of your journey.